Teaching in Berlin in March 2016

Teaching Wednesday 9th March to Saturday 12th March 2016

Cathy Pope stage name Cathryn Pope

I had a long and successful operatic career and after leaving the stage I wanted to teach singing and learn the best way to do this. I discovered the work of David Jones in New York and have worked with him for many years. David's teaching is based on a mastery of the Old Italian school of training. I now teach singing in Berlin and London.

Professionally more and more singers are finding this work uniquely comprehensive and vocally freeing.</>

I will be teaching in Berlin from Wednesday 9th March to Saturday 12th March 2016. For more information or to book a lesson please contact Priya Palekar:

Berlin Masterclass: Sunday 13th March 2016

The teaching will be followed by a Masterclass on Sunday 13th March 2016: Berlin Masterclass March 2016.